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Get the Technology Advantage with Brynteson Reporting

At Brynteson Reporting, we are committed to offering you exceptional high-tech reporting, including realtime reporting and the use of Certified LiveNote Reporters (CLR).

Some FAQs about Realtime Reporting

What is realtime reporting?

As you know, court reporters use special shorthand machines to capture testimony. Realtime reporting connects that machine to a notebook computer that translates the reporter’s steno notes into regular English. That notebook computer is then hooked up to your computer, which runs a realtime software program that allows you to view the testimony as it is being spoken. You can scroll back and forth, mark testimony for later review, search earlier testimony and even set up issue codes important to your case beforehand.

What are the advantages of realtime reporting?

You get to see the questions being asked and the answers being given instantaneously, so you know whether you’ve captured the evidence you want on the record. No need to wait until the final transcript arrives to see if you’ve gotten what your clients need.

Are there any problems with realtime reporting?

One major problem with realtime is that the output is only as good as the reporter writing it; how quickly they are able to add in case-specific names so they translate properly for everyone to read, how quickly they are able to differentiate homonyms and homophones, how quickly they are able to keep up writing perfectly with the fast pace of today’s proceedings.

Brynteson Reporting eliminates this problem by hiring only the best realtime court reporters -- reporters who have attained the highest certification and training -- so you can be assured of quality realtime every time.

You are a highly educated, skilled master in your field. Your reporter should be nothing less.

Why do we specialize in realtime reporting?

We believe that the future of reporting will demand highly-skilled realtime reporters. We can envision the day when all reporting jobs will require realtime.

Schedule your realtime job with us today and come to see what others already know; Brynteson Reporting has the best realtime reporters in town.

Certified LiveNote Reporter (CLR) Program

Use our realtime reporters, who have the CLR designation bestowed by LiveNote, to help you connect to and troubleshoot LiveNote realtime software. Our CLR reporters are specially trained on the technical aspects of providing LiveNote realtime to attorneys and judges.

Before going elsewhere for realtime reporting, ask yourself:
Does the other reporter know how to troubleshoot your realtime hookup?
Do they know how to check that you are using the correct COM port?
Are they able to transfer tokens to your computer and explain what a token is? Are they familiar with the latest version of LiveNote software?

Brynteson Reporting makes it easy for you. We’ll get you connected so you can concentrate on what’s most important.

National Court Reporters Association (NCRA)

NCRA is the national association for court reporters and captioners. It is the body that develops and issues the tests to its members to ensure a national standard.

Are you aware that many states, including Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, do not require any state or national certification to be a court reporter?
That means anyone can call themselves a court reporter -- even if they did not graduate from a court reporting school.

Unfortunately, the Nation’s Capital is home to many unqualified, uncertified reporters.

You require your expert witnesses to be the best trained, most highly skilled in their field -- shouldn’t you demand the same of your court reporter? After all, in the judicial system, appeals often depend on the accuracy of the court reporter’s transcript.

Using Brynteson’s team ensures that you get the best realtime reporting Washington can offer.






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