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Brynteson Reporting Offers All the Reporting Services You Need, Including:
Court Reporting
Electronic Delivery
Video Services
Litigation Support
Conference Rooms


Have a depo in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland or anywhere else? We’ve got you covered!

We specialize in realtime reporting, with expertise in technical, multi-party litigation where realtime hookups are necessary. Our reporters have the knowledge and experience to get your realtime connection up and running, allowing you to annotate important testimony instantaneously.

In addition, we handle a full range of reporting services, including:
Deposition, trials, hearings, arbitrations
Videotaped depositions or proceedings
Realtime proceedings
Training sessions


All of our transcripts go out with a complimentary condensed (multiple pages per sheet) version of the full-size record, plus ASCII disk and e-Transcript disk. Time-stamping of transcripts is available with all videotaped transcripts.

Brynteson Reporting offers several delivery options to meet your needs and your budget:

Same-day delivery:
 You'll receive the final transcript shortly after close of the proceedings.

Next-day delivery:
Guaranteed to arrive in your office the next morning.

Expedited delivery:
Your transcript will arrive in your office on the exact day you need it, from 2-5 business days .

Regular delivery:
10-business day standard.


We offer a variety of electronic delivery options to ensure you get just what you need when you need it.

Rough Draft Diskette
Why wait for the information you need? Let our Certified Realtime Reporters provide you with a rough copy at the conclusion of the proceedings so you can begin your review right away.

Realtime Hookups
Connect your laptop to the reporter’s computer to receive an instant feed of the testimony, which you can mark, search, and annotate as it appears on your screen.

No laptop? No problem.
We’re happy to provide one of our in-house loaners.

Not sure how to use your realtime program? No problem.
Let us know before scheduling your depo and one of our certified trainers will help you get started before the depo begins.

Realtime over the Internet
Save time and money by attending from the convenience of your own conference room, while having instant access to the testimony.


Brynteson Reporting offers video services to help you get the most out of your court reporting. Services we offer include:
Video in Digital, VHS, Super VHS, or DVD format
In-court playbacks
Video/text synchronization on CD or DVD

By letting us synchronize your transcript text with the video, you can perform a simple search for the testimony you need to play in court and create your own clips. No special software needed.


A full range of litigation support services are available for your convenience. From one-on-one realtime training to scanning of exhibits and transcripts onto CD-ROM, let our team do the work for you.


For added convenience, please enjoy our complimentary conference rooms located close to Metro stations in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, D.C.






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