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Put the Talent and Experience of Brynteson Reporting to Work for You.

We at Brynteson Reporting have one primary goal:

To provide exceptional high-tech court reporting services at a reasonable price.

The founders and principals of the company, Karen and Ray Brynteson, lead a team of highly trained and certified reporters to give you the best court reporting services in the Washington, D.C. area. But Karen and Ray not only run the company – they’re also actively involved in it.

Karen Brynteson has been a court reporter for more than two decades. She holds a number of titles bestowed by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), including Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter,and Certified Realtime Reporter. She is also a Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters, the NCRA’s most prestigious designation.

Karen has won numerous awards for her reporting abilities, including bronze medals in NCRA’s National Speed and Realtime Reporting contests. Additionally, she has served as President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Greater Washington Shorthand Reporters Association and continues to serve on a variety of National Association committees.

Ray Brynteson shares a similar reporting history. He began his career as a court reporter in 1981 and holds several NCRA titles, including Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter, and Certified Realtime Reporter. Additionally, Ray has earned the title of Registered Diplomate Reporter, a designation that symbolizes excellence in all aspects of reporting. Ray has served as Treasurer of the Greater Washington Shorthand Reporters Association.

The talented and experienced team at Brynteson Reporting offers unmatched speed, quality, and accuracy.

When you need the best court reporting services in D.C.,
You need Brynteson Reporting




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